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Ideas alone won’t create a life you love. Putting them into action will.

Bec has been a perfect example of someone who inspires me to continue to challenge myself everyday. She tackles every training session head on, a beaming smile and truly tries her hardest to take on whatever is thrown her way.

A part of me struggles to get the perfect words to describe Bec’s wonderful story.

So, I am simply going to let her story speak for itself.client stories becclient stories becclient stories bec

Client Stories Bec

Originally, when you started or just before, what were your goals and what did you really want to achieve? Why was this important to you?

When I first started, my goals were to lose weight and become healthier for myself and my kids. This was very important. I was heading towards 30 and unhappy with myself. I was unhappy with the way I felt and looked, I needed things to change.

Why do you feel like you had not yet achieved your goals? Was there anything stopping you?

I had not reached my gaol by myself and I needed the extra support, guidance and knowledge of what my body needed to move forward with my weight loss and fitness. I had plenty of determination but needed to use it in the right way.

I also had support but that little bit extra from Kate, my friend Lauren and the other group training clients pushed me just that little bit further and harder.

I can see now that my goals originally were unreality’s and personal training with Kate helped me meet my goals properly.

What achievements have you made since training with me so far? 

I had lost a bit of weight before my journey with Kate.

I started at 123kgs, and lost 8 kgs on my own. I have since lost 26kgs from my original starting weight and have curbed my eating habits of sweets and snacking. I have been able to make exercise a big part of my life and everyday routine and I absolutely love it.

What were you reservations you had before we started working together?

Well, I had done personal training prior to working with Kate. I found it didn’t suit me but the minute I found Kate she became not only my personal trainer and an inspiration to better myself but a great friend.

Can you describe how I was able to help you with your reservations?

Your personality and kindness made me feel welcome and comfortable in myself. You knew how much I was able to do and when to push me, when to not.

What is one thing that really stood out about training with me and our work together?

Your love of fitness and personality made me feel at ease. It helped me and my drive to achieve more.

What does your training currently look like? How often are you moving your body, what types of training are you doing? How has what you do now changed from what you did before? Including your attitude towards health and fitness.

I try to move daily, 45min to 1 hour every day. Having your kids and not a lot of time to go out and train means that my lifestyle is a little different to some, and very similar to others.

It means that I do a lot from home utilising what I have at home. For example, a steep driveway, stairs and basic equipment I have on hand. I love to walk on the weekends early in the morning for an hour.

Before Kate, I did nothing at all really so it was a big shock to my system and a huge lifestyle change of me.

All for the better.

If you have one message to anyone feeling sluggish, uncomfortable or struggling, what would it be?

Just get up and move.

Kate has made my life improve for the better and I would be unhappy, unhealthy and not living my life to the fullest without her. My kids and I will forever be thankful to her for the love and support she has shown us over the time we have known her.

Kate: Safe to say, this story speaks for itself.


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