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It can be a confusing world full of misinformation trying to work out what you should be doing more of one or the other.

Is cardio or weights training going to be better suited to you and your goals?

I’m going to share some knowledge about ways you might combine the two. So you can train more efficiently. So you can get results and really focus on maximising the time you spend training.

Keep in mind, the below advice is tailored a little more towards those who aim to train so they can get more out of their sports, activities and adventures.

Whatever that may be. Like snowboarding for me currently 🏂.

Should You Do Cardio Or Weights Training For Results?

Over the past 3 months, I have spent more time snowboarding then not. I’m also feeling the fitness in different areas of my body.

I’ve noticed I have been able to maintain muscle endruance and I have been learning to adjust my mentality as I was so used to doing mostly weights in the gym.

In a town full of snowboarders and skiers I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that I have been having plenty of conversations lately about how to properly combine strength and cardio training in the gym to maximise results.

So I wanted to take the opportunity to share it here also. To share some of that knowledge with those who are also passionate about the outdoors, sports and leading an active lifestyle.

I encourage you to combine both into one single session if you have no existing injuries. Always start with strength training and finish with cardio (or a HIIT  / body weight finisher).

The reason I recommend this is so that you can maximise results from a strength training session without being fatigued from the cardio. If you did the cardio first you are likely going to need to reduce the weights to maintain same form and control through different strength movements.

It is commonly said to always do first the exercise that is most important to you. Which is true for strength training. I still want to give you some more reasons why in this case, you want to do cardio second even if improving your cardiovascular fitness is more important to you within one single session.

If you tire yourself out from strength first you will still be able to train within the high heart rate training zones with the exact same benefit but likely in probably less time. That is a massive win!

There are, of course, a number of different ways you can build strength that will determine whether or not you actually do decide to do strength and cardio in one session.

For example if you are building power and maximum strength in one repition, you likely would not be doing ANY cardio after a weights training session.

However, based on my initial statement of how this advice is tailored. It is not something you need to be concerned about.

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As always, if you know someone who would appreciate some of the content in this post. Don’t forget to let them know so they can learn too!