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Over 1000 square meters of trampoline in one small space, Boing Central. I say yes please! Aside from the main jumping area there is also a dodgeball section and a basketball section, both just as entertaining! Who didn’t love the trampoline growing up and if you didn’t have one you would be going to your friends house. I have never heard of anyone turning down an opportunity to bounce.

Sydney’s newest Indoor Trampoline Centre

Before you get too excited, be prepared to get your heart rate up very quickly. You can pay for the first hour at $16.50 for general jumpers including gripped socks and add an extra hour at a discounted rate but trust me when I say, you will not need it. Take on the challenge and attempt a full front flip maybe even a backflip. It can be scary jumping heigh and thanks to the foam pit, its a great place to start whatever challenge you have set out for yourself.

Since the first time I have been with my friends, we have since been 3 more (almost once a week) and I can proudly say I am jumping with alot more confidence then the first time. Also be prepared for a sore body the next day, however no one is thinking about that when bouncing around. Great for the family, great for friends (an adults playground), or great for the kids to get the away from the tv.

Boing Central memberships will be available soon!


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