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How I Got The Body Confidence And Fitness I Wanted At 26 Without Missing Out On A Single Thing

So a couple of years back this shy/awkward chic started teaching Group Fitness and went on to become a Personal Trainer. By a couple of years, I mean about 7 😜. Here’s me:

A really intelligent looking 🤓 (right?) photo of me trying to be an accountant at the age of 19.

I realised I was spending all my time indoors, at a desk and hungover. A lot.

I was constantly looking for attention and worried about what everyone else thought of me all at the same time.

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I suffered from terrible bloating, extremely poor digestion and inflammation (rheumatoid arthritis) that kept me up crying at night because it hurt to have a blanket over my feet.

I realised I was literally eating crap, not moving my body and drinking my calories.

I was too busy worrying about what everyone else thought that I couldn’t be the person I really wanted to be.

So I quit my job and had my handbag stolen the same night….Yep.


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I changed my degree and also became a qualified group fitness instructor.

I was the most awkward instructor out. No seriously. I trembled, I fell over and my brain regularly went blank.


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I tried surfing, went to Costa Rica, and embarrassed myself more times then I can count.

I started doing things like this..

active things to do in sydney

First ever back flip on the trampoline.

And this….

Bouddi Coastal Walk

And this (falling over of course)….

learning first skateboard trick

ollie skateboard trick

And this….

And this….

And this….

I got up in front of 2,000 people and warmed them up before a charity event..

I ran my first 9kms, I entered a team triathlon with my friends.

I discovered canyoning. Which literally blew my mind.

I learn’t how to snowboard. Also jump off the snow, 50/50 and ride switch…

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Just getting a little more height yesterday 😝

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I went bungee jumping and I started Wondrous Health & Fitness. I became a Personal Trainer and expanded my training.

I started fuelling my body with nutrients and foods that it needs, helping with my digestion, hormone balance and noticed a reduction in my inflammation.

I learnt how to do cool things with my body like this…

And I help people every day like this….

I still do a little bit of this…..

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TBT to those holiday cocktails vibes 🙌 @chloe_leigh92

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I never forget coffee…

And I always move my body in ways that I ENJOY!

My confidence grew. And, in case you were wondering, my instructing improved too:

I can assure you I am not God’s gift to human kind and health and fitness. I have purely found ways to be a healthier and happier version of myself. I want to show you how you can do the same.

I’m going to be honest with you. There is absolutely no secret. I can share with you exactly what to do today that will get you where you want to be and answer your burning fitness questions.