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There are many benefits of aqua aerobics that you probably never knew.

It is great for your fitness and health (but more on that later). Allowing you to take out the impact whilst keeping the intensity high.

Still think it’s for the elderly? Read on.

benefits of aqua aerobics

I recently had the pleasure of completing my Aqua Instructing course through AustSwim WETS program. I met some truly awesome people and it was personally a great experience because I grew up swimming and I forgot how much I loved being around the water.

benefits of aqua aerobics

So for a bit of variety if you are not sold on the water yet, here is a list of 10 benefits of aqua aerobics and every reason why you should not limit yourself to land based activities.

Thanking the lovely Debi Godfrey for taking some amazing photos over the three days. She is an amazing Aqua Instructor at Hornsby Aquatic Centre and they have an awesome timetable where you can find any class to suit.

10 Benefits of Aqua Aerobics

1. As the water molecules are thicker than the air molecules you get great muscular and strength endurance benefits by using the resistance of the water.

benefits of aqua aerobics

2. When you are chest deep in the water, 90% of your body weight is buoyant therefore you are only bearing 10% of your body weight.

benefits of aqua aerobics

3. Weighted training is actually done through the use of buoyant equipment in which you have to force down through water (as the equipment wants to go up to float) or alternatively resist the float of the equipment on the way up.

4. Given that it is less weight bearing there is a large scale of intensity variation in the water making it an appropriate exercise for a variety of population groups.

5. The water has a massaging affect on the body by encouraging the blood to travel around the body and the muscles, the circulatory system and internal organs are all enhanced. This pressure of water is known as hydrostatic pressure and it means the participant is less likely to feel fatigued after the exercise.

6. You are less likely to feel over-heated and sweaty because of the constant water flow around the body, this is known as thermoregulation.

benefits of aqua aerobics

7. Did you know: heart rates when exercising in water are lower than those in similar exercise conducted on land? So cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular benefits are still achieved but you might not ‘feel’ it as much.

8. You can do rehab in the water and still get cardiovascular and strength training.

benefits of aqua aerobics

9. The water flow will help flush out the lactic acid aiding recovery, meaning you are less likely to be as sore once your workout is complete.

10. Athletes training seriously will use water activity in their routine to reduce the chances of injury and improve flexibility.

Have you ever participated in an aqua class before?

If you know someone who would benefit from an aqua class, don’t forget to tell them. Send them the link through any of the options below.