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Ever get in that state where you feel like nothing is on your side and sometimes you just need to whinge about it. Get it off your chest.

You whinge and whinge, to a point where you forget about all the wonderful things in your life.

To a point where you don’t feel motivated to do the things that will really make you happy or help get you to where you want to go?

Then, this post is for you.

If you feel like I’m in your head right now. It’s because we are all human and I do this too.

How Being Grateful Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Most of you know from social media – but over the past couple of months I managed to have my snowboard stolen 😱, my MacBook Pro died and a couple of other things that are completely irrelevant now.

Not the end of the world – but very very inconvenient in the lead up to my big move to Canada.

Amongst all of this, I’ve been catching up with those close to me and clients included before the big move.

In particular, a couple that have been coming to my combat classes twice a week almost every week for about 4 years (almost the whole time I have been teaching). They took me out for dinner recently.

We talked about how much fun it has been to train with each other over the past 4 years and how much they love being active now. They told me about their journey from when they first started coming to combat and getting started with fitness, to where they are now.

They shared the fact that, although they have lost weight and kept it off. They have noticed mostly how much more energy and life they have. How it wasn’t hard to make a few small lifestyle changes.

How happy they really are and appreciated the things their body can now do.

I felt so incredibly grateful to be a part of this, not only with them but many others I get to work with. I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who continually want to stay healthy, move their body, challenge themselves and life plenty of life. I love seeing how happy and fulfilled they are from being active.

It is just one of the reasons I do what I do.

So, what does this have to do with you?

Well despite the snowboard/laptop situation (and that’s not even all of it). I have so much to be grateful for to help get me through it. That is a thousand times more important than stressing about money.

Your attitude will really (truely) determine your direction.

If you are reading this and have just really felt like the past couple of months have been throwing you under the bus.

Move forward 👉 the more you sulk the more stuck you will feel.

And I want you to achieve your goals instead of dreaming of them.

It’s never really as bad or as hard as it may initially seem.

Train smarter so you can spend more time doing activities and adventures that you love. For services, get help even faster by applying today.

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As for what is happening in the Wondrous world 🌎, my client stories are coming along well each other their stories will really make you feel motivated to stay consistent with your training and enjoy doing it.

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