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Long weekend is coming up? Maybe you’re just bored of the same old thing.

I’ve collated a list of 25 awesome activities and adventures you can do (wondrous style) for less then $25 dollars. That’s just about the price you pay for lunch.

1. Cycle Sydney Olympic Park with over 35kms of cycle ways and free parking.

2. Ice Skating at:

Wondrous ice skating here:

ice skating for beginners

Proving ice skating for beginners is not scary.

3. Clovelly to Bondi walk, free.

active things to do in sydney

Clovelly to bondi walk.

4. Learn to roller-skate at Penrith Skatel $8 for any two hours during school holidays. They even have Skate Fit classes!

Wondrous Rollskating and Rollerblading adventures:

active things to do in Sydney

Meet our friend Izzy who shows us her amazing Rollerskating skills

5. Bush Walking around your local council reserves, free.

Wondrous bushwalking adventures:

active things to do in Sydney

Bush walking through Bidjigal Reserve.

6. Visit a trampoline centre at:

Wondrous flipping adventures:

active things to do in sydney

First ever back flip on the trampoline.

7. Flying Trapeze at Sydney Trapeze School. One trapeze conditioning class $15.

8. Penrith Cables Wake Park Aqua Park $15 Admission (50min).

9. Attend an Aqua Aerobics Class:

benefits of aqua aerobics

Jumping for joy at the end of an Aqua Aerobics class in Hornsby.

10. Kayaking at:

Wondrous kayak adventure with Kate and Eloise:


Kayaking in Rose Bay

11. Visit a National Park at:

Wondrous national park adventures with Jen and Morgan:

Noosa National Park

The view from Noosa National Park

12. Paddleboarding at:

Wondrous (our first ever adventure) paddle boarding:

advice things to do in sydney

Enjoying the amazing view during our first ever paddle boarding experience.

13. Surfing at any beach in Sydney, board hire is usually $15 – $25 an hour.

14. Rock climb at:

Wondrous adventures rock climbing here:

active things to do in sydney

Rock Climbing

15. Tandem bike cycle hire in Centennial Park $25 per hour.

16.  Lawn Bowls at The Greens North Sydney $23pp.

17. Picnic & Frisbee at Fagan Park, park free frisbee purchase $20 from Rebel Sport.

18. Swimming laps outdoors at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool $6.20 Admission.

19. Attend dance class at Sydney Dance Company $22 casual class.

20. Aqua Golf at Panthers $7 per bucket.

21. Laser Tag at Sydney Strike Laser $12 pp.

22. Book a tennis court there are always a lot around usually approximately $20 per hour.

23. Visit Barangaroo (great walking paths) and have a picnic for the:

24. Follow the clue trails at Sydney Olympic Park with a number of different trails to follow once you download the PDF. Great for the whole family. Free.

25. Visit Peak Pursuits Indoor Sports Centre for $25 Adults.

Wondrous adventures here:

Have you tried any of these before?