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When you get to the end of a training plan, or series. You usually take some time to appreciate the results.

I know I did when I got to the ab assignment last day.

However, many of us don’t take the time to review how we went, and don’t take the time to think about what is next.

Today, I really wanted to share what happened in the end. What my body looks like and my results on the scales. Also, assess how I went and the pros and cons of doing something like the ab assignment challenge.

ab assignment last day

Ab Assignment End Results, Pros and Cons and What Is Next For My Training | Ab Assignment Last Day

Overall I lots 1.9kgs and 1% body fat. I was definitely not perfect and did not stick wiht the plan 100%. Week 3 was the worst for me and week 4 was only half way back on track. Overall, I am so happy with what I was able to achieve.

First of all, starting with some of the great things that came out of the ab assignment.

I really appreciate the time that was spent on my food and preparation on food. It allowed me to get more creative with healthier choices, finding new meals that were good great and full of nutrients but that I also enjoyed.

I also noticed, by the end of the challenge not only my stomach lean out and my arm strength develop but I was mostly just a little more proud of my body and the good things it could do. I think this was because of the hard work I had put into my training and meal preparation over the 4 weeks. A good little take away and reminder for anyway who is working towards a goal. Always try to take time to appreciate the cool things that you can do.

There is of course a very big negative that I want to touch on from doing the ab assignment. The negatives mainly stem from having a goal that was purely physically related and it is one of the main reasons I want to share the negatives with you. To encourage and remind you that a “physical goal” is not important. You “why” is.

The first negative, is fairly obvious, but I am going to bring it up anyway. I hated how much I was looking and thinking about my body physically everyday. It was way to much and completely unnecessary. It very easily put me in a negative mindset and I found day to day I would often question what I was doing (even as a Personal Trainer!). How crazy is that.

It is probably worth noting that I some what expected this to happen, because I see it often wiht my clients. I never expected it to be as hard or consuming as it was though.

Overall I am so proud of what I was able to achieve. I will continue to adopt the same method of eating with a little more of a laid back approach.

It was so great to have structure and a plan, along with someone I was working towards.

As for what is next, snow season is 3 months away now so I am developing my 12 week training program and the first video should be up on YouTube (and the blog) in no time. So stay tuned.

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