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This weeks 06 Wednesday Mix is the kind of playlist I would listen to whilst snowboarding.

The miserable weather and rainfall has meant that there is fresh snowfall on the mountains in NSW.

The glass half full approach? Despite how bad the rainfall is in NSW Australia there is also snow falling. That makes me a little bit excited. Anybody else?

I grew up skiing. Just over 2 years ago now I was lucky enough to learn to snowboard in Hakuba, Japan than travelled to Whistler, Vancouver with my younger sister (yes there are two of them).

I spent a couple of weekends at Perisher in NSW, Australia last year and amongst all three snowboarding adventures I dug up some of my most loved snowboarding tunes.

These are they kind of songs that when I hear I think of the snow immediately. I also feel like I could be there.

Have you got you winter snow playlists ready?

06 Wednesday Mix


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06 Wednesday Mix