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So you can spend more time doing the activities and adventures that you love (and well), find out what all the fuss is about 👇.


I use my expertise and experience to provide smarter training tools and resources for people just like you. After I design programs and training tools I help you optimise it for the best results. I encourage passionate thing-doers to challenge themselves every day because I believe all the magic in life happens outside of your comfort zone.

I see many who follow a predictable pattern; initially extremely motivated, after some time no action taken, lazy tendencies, negative self talk.

Wondrous turns laziness on its head so you can do things that you never even thought were possible.


Why do you need to train smarter? Your health and fitness is important with a goal in mind. Your training is designed with one purpose. Results. By removing clutter and using your time wisely you will be able to train for your purpose to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

“The daily recommended physical activity for an adult is not met by more than half of the Australian population and this percentage is significantly higher in women. Studies show many lack the confidence to exercise.”

Wondrous aims to teach you and challenge you, whilst still allowing you to have full control. With challenge comes growth, with growth comes confidence. We use confidence to do the things we didn’t think we ever could.

Are you ready to meet your goals?




By setting both long term and short term goals with our process, you can work on adding incremental and sustainable lifestyle changes that stick.



Everything you need to succeed, taking you into consideration.



Optimise to get the best results.



What is the best exercise for weight loss?

How do I avoid muscle burn?

How often should I be training?

Should I do cardio or weight training?

How do I avoid muscle burn at the snow?

What is the best way to train?

I am not seeing progress. What am I doing wrong?

Real talk. Are you ready to get some answers?


I love following along on all of Kate’s adventures and her insights to living an active healthy lifestyle. I love how she inspires me to be more active and how she radiates a healthy lifestyle. She is just a breath of fresh air.
– Stephie Vanneste, The Raw Edit

I am always so excited to receive my weekly Wondrous email because it is always full of such interning and useful motivations and fitness hacks. The website is fresh and pimped out with awesome info. Wondrous is a genuinely inspiring movement because it is written, composed and most importantly believed in and lived by the author. Get. On. Board.
– Phil Watson

I really enjoy the activities Kate shares with us and the inspiration she provides each and every week. Her just do-it attitude is motivating and you can’t help but leap up, put on some gym clothes and go for a walk or run after reading her newsletter each week.
– Kate Lawrence, Live Believe Relax

Before I started training with Kate I was worried about whether or not the training would be interesting and if it would be applicable to me. Kate took my goals from our initial conversation and tailored the training plan to improve my overall fitness while focusing on key areas for snowboarding.

When I started training my main goals where to improve fitness and also muscular endurance for snowboarding, I was also wanting to train in preparation for running and cycling events.

Since training I have now noticed I have better balance and coordination. I have also been able to complete City2Surf for the first time (the longest run I’ve completed).

– Brad Issac

Before I started training with Kate I had my reservations about whether or not I would achieve my desired goals. I was unsure if I would be able to achieve what Kate had set out for me to do.

She made me feel very comfortable about the session and discussed every aspect of the program. Kate makes it warm and personable. I felt like she really understood my needs and explained what I would be able to achieve with the program.

Since training with Kate I have been able to:

Eat healthier
Enjoy exercise
Lose weight in a controlled manner
I really look forward to training each week.

– Ian Dudley

Probably one of the best PT’s in the Hills! Kate will find the best fitness program to suit you. You’ll have plenty of fun whilst reaching your goals!!

– Leea Argiropoulos



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